Bruce E. Hirsch MD

We are grateful for the very generous support from the following 2018 sponsors:

Patient: A person who is receiving medical care or is waiting to receive care or treatment due to illness or injury.

Family: The person or people the patient chooses to support them in their care.

Patient Safety: The prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care.

The Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund is a program designed to support patient safety initiatives presently on Long Island affecting any of its three million residents in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Projects should foster patients’ and families’ knowledge about patient safety and the patient and family engagement that improve treatment outcomes.​

The Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund will support projects that:

  • Serve people from Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties with priority for those who identify with a high risk community (high risk means any group that research shows is more prone to poor medical outcomes)
  • Address a specific patient safety issue or concern
  • Encourage patient and family involvement in patient safety and medical error reduction

​If you think you have a project or program that may support patient safety, please contact us to share your ideas.

The Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund is a program of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy